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About me

Born in Bergen in April, 1962 (wow....the kid is getting old...:-) as the youngest of four brothers.

Since his early years, Trond has always been a sport maniac...Himself a talented soccer player, but also trying out lots of different sports as, athletics, judo, table tennis, among others (active kid). As he got deeply into music from the age of 15-16, he needed to make some priorities....But his interest i sports never left him. And he stayed active with local soccer teams for many years.

Trond married Ona-Helen many years ago they are parents of 4...sons...(the wild bunch) The family live in a house in Sotra, just outside Bergen-Norway. And they have a dog, as well...


Mercy album get great reviews in Canadian and Norwegian magazines


Amazing reviews on Trond Olsen Band's album, Mercy, in the Canadian Magazine Cashbox and the Norwegian Bluesnews and Rootstime - Belgium,

Link to Bluesnews - Norway review.

Link to Cashbox - Canada review.

Link to Rootstime

Mercy album listened to in more than 35 countries all over the world!


It´s incredible news finding that TOB´s album, Mercy, is downloded and streamed in more than 30 coutries all over the world. Including Europe, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Thanks to each and everyone!

Trond joining a new blues project - Gråblå Strenger (Bergen - NO)

Trond is happy being part of the local Bergen based band featuring musicians, Dag Bergesen (bass, vocal), Tore Kvalvik (Guitars) and Bjørn Moe (Drums), forming the "Gråblå Strenger". The band is an "on the side" project for especially Trond and Dag, while having their own bands as the main occupation. The mostly does blues related material but slightly different from TOB and Dag Bergesden Band. Both Tore and Bjørn have strong influences in the sound of the band.

All the guys really enjoy coming together sharing their joy in the music....and lots of fun, also verbally...:-)

Booking Gråblå Strenger: Dag Bergesen, e-mail: dag.h.bergesen@outlook.com or phone: +47 480 12 770

Booking 2020

If you want Trond with his band, or solo with acoustic guitars, to visit your city or venue, please contact me directly on post@toneland.no or ph. +47 930 200 95.

You may also contact Dag Bergesen, e-mail: dag.h.bergesen@outlook.com or phone: +47 480 12 770

Gråblå Strenger: Contact Dag Bergesen