Trond Olsen

About me

Born in Bergen in April, 1962 (wow....the kid is getting old...:-) as the youngest of four brothers.

Since his early years, Trond has always been a sport maniac...Himself a talented soccer player, but also trying out lots of different sports as, athletics, judo, table tennis, among others (active kid). As he got deeply into music from the age of 15-16, he needed to make some priorities....But his interest i sports never left him. And he stayed active with local soccer teams for many years.

Trond married Ona-Helen many years ago they are parents of 4...sons...(the wild bunch) The family live in a house in Sotra, just outside Bergen-Norway. And they have a dog, as well...


Trond`s music - the short story...

Trond started his musical career 15 years old at school with an acoustic guitar and lots of Bob Dylan tunes. He quickly got interested in electrical guitars and played with different bands in the early days. Trond has been around for a long time and did various projects from contemporary christian music to different blues bands like Jumpin Jive Blues Band (Askoy-Bergen) and BB Lyngs Blues Band (Sotra/Bergen). Trond played guitar on BB Lyngs´debut album "Snatch it back".

Trond always had a hunger for songwriting. And some time in 2006, Trond wanted to try out some of his blues material in front of an audience. He gathered some friends for a few gigs mixing both original and some cover material. Among these guys, also Lars Hammersland, on Keys.

Trond discovered Lars on a concert with Tommy (Kristiansen) and The Runaway Boys in Ulvik, and asked if he was interested in tryong it out together. Trond and Lars soon became close friends and found each other through the music. Lars early dedicated to Trond´s material. Even though the progress was slow, Lars was eager to get a band going and Trond´s songs "on the road". And after a couple of years with different musicians, Lars brought Morten Bergstrøm (Drums) and Kåre Glesnes (Bass) to the "table early 2007. The guys started working together and toured various clubs in the southern parts of Norway.

2008, while doing gigs, TOB also went in Ravneberget Studio doing their first album, A New Day Coming, realeased February 2009.

Kåre Glesnes left the band in 2013 and was replaced by Geir Dahle, who played with the band for almost a year. Then Frank Hovland joined the band early 2014, also to play bass on the Mercy album released in October, 2014. Frank is experienced and has been playing with the former Manfred Manns Earth Band singer, Chris Thompson´s European band, for many years. Due to the various committments among the guys, Svein Henning Berstad, an awesome musician and bassplayer has been an important contributor to Trond´s band. And of course, Morten Bergstroem on drums has been there for many years.

With his band, Trond has visited lots of club and festival stages all across Norway, from Kristiansand in the south to Vadsø in the far north. The band even visited Dark Season Blues Festival at Svalbard (Spitsbergen) on their Mercy release tour in Oct. 2014.

2015 was a slightly quiet year for the band, but Trond made his collaboration with Olav Undeland from Ulvik/Voss. Together they did a lot of gigs this year with a strange mix of 30´s-40´s blues and modern style blues. And it was very popular wherever they performed. And lots of fun for the guys.

In 2016, beside doing gigs with TOB, Trond also explored doing solo gigs with an acoustic guitar. And these gigs gave some really inspiring experiences, in which he decided to focus even more on this consept. But of course, still working with his band. Of course doing both band- and solo gigs opens a lot more opportunities for Trond. And still Trond feels that the naked expression alone with an acoustic guitar makes a nearer and in some occations a closer relationship with the crowd.

But either with the band or alone...The goodfeel, energy, joy, encouragement and peace are important and central elements in Tronds expression...wherever he goes...



Even if he´s influenced by a viriety of artists in many genres, Trond loves working with his own material, and from time to time collaborating with other writers.

In his home he has built a small "songwriting workshop" equipped with guitars, amps, e.piano, bass, drums, percussion and recording gear and actually prepared for production. Mainly used for sketches and pre-production, though.

And soon this enables Trond to release something new? Please check in and maybe....:-)

Some thoughts...For what it`s worth...

Life provided some challenges through the years... Long periods with huge challenges caused by serious illness in the close family. We look at circumstances due to a disabled son and life threatening cancer...and LOTS of time inside hospitals. And of course including all the natural concerns appearing when the terrible strikes your loved ones.

Let me tell you: I strongly believe that every human is equipped with a desire and power to live...A force or a power, if you like. You may call it God, or provided by God. You may call it a greater power....Energy...or whatever you like....But there is this "something" within every human being. And it`s strong!

I know this guy, who once was a weak little boy with no reasonable opportunity to survive...every hope seemed to vanish...His body simply wasn`t in a state of being able to cope with the struggles he was going through... Doc told us... "There is nothing more that we can do for him. Now, it´s up to him, the power of the life within him and his own will to live. But you need to prepare to let him go"... A tiny little boy with, by far, weaker terms than the most of us are born with... And no sensible reasons to be strong enough and able to get through this.

Sitting there, waiting and watching over and praying... We had the honor of watching a little boy, 3 manths old, slowly changing the game...The life within in him was so strong and refusing to let go...mobilizing and fighting his way back. For those of us around him it was mpossible to understand and no way to explain. Even the doctor had no clinical explanation. We were only forced to accept the fact... The boy stayed alive, against all odds! Some call it a miracle, some an act by can call it whatever you like... Either way: This thing called life, or his will to live", was stronger.

I need to say one thing, before I continue: I have the deepest respect and compassion for those who experience unexpected loss and tragedies and despair due to unexplainable circumstances, violence and meaningless acts by others.

But even more, we need to cherrish and embrace life. Cherrish and embrace the life within ourself and the life within our fellow men. Protect it and nurse it by doing good, speaking good, love and care for each other.

Despite any differences or backgrounds we need to value and acknowledge each other, equally. Acknowlegde the fact that people are differently created and built together. Learn to love and respect one another, caring for ones different needs. Allowing each and everyone to be themself and who we are meant to be. Not change each other to fit into a certain frame, but rather let us be enriched by each other, each others different strengths and the abilities we all are provided with.

There is room for each and every one of us! Each one has equal value, not depending on colour of your skin, culture, religion, physical abilities or disabilities, psycological abilities or disabilities, the clothes you wear, language or place of birth.

Let us love, care, rejoice, comfort and protect one another, laugh together, express ourselves. Let those who are strong carry the weak and let the rich share with the poor. Speak for those who can not speak. Carry those who can not walk. Feed those who are not able to feed themselves. Let us see one another include one another...also those who sometimes and for some reasons are defined as unpleasent or act somehow what! CELEBRATE LIFE! - LIFE IS STRONGER - SHARE IT

Never give up - The power of life within you is stronger than you know.

Be good and make peace!


The Gear

Trond has been an "amp geek" for many years. testing and trying out all sort of gear, from amps, to speakers to effect pedals. Searching for "the tone" 🙂

Trond's main gear these days:

MAIN GUITARS: Fender Tele, LsL T-Bone, Gibson ES 335, Martin 00015 (acoustic) and Martin D28 CS (acoustic)

MAIN AMPS: Trond´s main amp is a modified Fuchs Black Jack II head( modified to 50w and 6L6 tubes). Trond used Fuchs amps for many years and love the tone of Andy Fuchs´amps. These deliveres a special flavour suiting Trond perfectly. As well as being a superb amp builder, Andy Fuchs is a such a nice guy, as well. And he always helps out if required. Fuchs amps will always be there!

Further on Trond uses a Magnatone Varsity, both head version and 112 combo. This is a revelation of a "one-trick pony", both sounding and looking fantastic!

PEDALS:Lovepedal Tschula (awesome), Lovepedal Amp 50 (...awesome...), Timmy OD (Great and transperant sounding) Tonefreak tremolo and a simple Lovepedal delay, amongst others. But some of these are always on Trond´s pedal board.